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Binder Blues Guestbook

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Please sign our Binder Blues guestbook!


And now for my rant!
(because I can)

I had some problems with our previous guestbook at Lycos and had lost everything except my user name information. I couldn't log-in and edit or delete entries so I contacted customer support. Support usually indicates help... I have to say without a doubt they were the most USELESS bunch of people I've ever encountered. Needless to say they wouldn't help me recover my account password because I couldn't supply EVERYTHING information wise from when I joined back in the days of the 486 CPU!?
Anyway I have lost all my guestbook entries and choosen to move on giving them credit where credit is due....

Giving credit where it's due!

Don't bother wasting your time with these a**holes!

Binder Blues
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