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The term BINDER comes from International Harvester's agricultural implement background.
Basically it's a reference to BINDING twine used to bind grain into managable bundles.
We don't know who started calling the Scouts BINDERS,
but we know where the reference comes from!

What is Binder Blues you ask??
Binder Blues is a website, as they say, of, by, and for Scout enthusiasts like ourselves. Here at Binder Blues you can expect to see lots of information compiled from various sources, tips from Chief Gilpin, and a few pictures of our second love (right behind our wives, kids and grandkids). Updates to the web-site will be erratic, based on when we don't want to work and will be totally limited to our knowledge and spelling abilities. Most all of the information contained within these pages can be found on the internet, if you look hard enough. What we have tried to do is make it a little easier and a little less painful for you to locate. If you have something you would like for us to add send us a e-mail and we'll see what we can do!

And last but not least......
don't forget to sign in on our guestbook (over on the left menu)!

Hope you enjoy your visit!

Here is a FANTASTIC link if you're looking for International Harvester history.
There's tons of pictures and information!

International Harvester History

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